We offer a variety of mounting systems for your solar installation,depending on various factors including wind and weight loads, height alignment or architectural concerns. Our Mounting Systems offer the right solution for all the installation requirements of solar power systems. Due to our many years of experience in the solar trade and the challenges encountered during installation work. As such, it is flexible, well-thought-out and above all: extremely secure.

All our systems are:

  • Installation friendly for sure
  • Designed, tested and made for use.
  • Well-thought-out mounts depending on area

Roof Mounting System

A roof mounted solar installation is an integrated roof mount and racking system, engineered to be robust and structurally sound. It’s placed at the top of your roof whether it’s for your home, commercially or industrail complex, we offer a sound and insurable mounting system that is also aesthetically pleasing

CarPorts Mounting System

Solar car ports are a great way to add solar PV to a property without altering it and at the same time provide a sheltered place for vehicles. They are especially useful when the main roof spaces of a property are unsuitable. Orientation can be chosen to give optimal exposure to the sun and they can be positioned to avoid any risk of panel shading.

Ground Mounted System

A ground mounted solar installation is a modular system for mounting large PV arrays in open areas. Made with high quality components including concrete blocks and sturdy aluminium supports, it allows easy to erect economical systems with long lifetimes. Ideal for small to medium sized PV plants where the cost of pile-driven supports is prohibitive or not possible