With expertise in everything solar, we offer a range of configurable product solutions for different types of customers and partners.

Our three main offerings include structured energy products, system solutions, and PV plant components—all of which are backed by our industry-leading services and warranties

Facts about Solar Power

Did you know 170 Thousand Billion Watts from the Sun Hits Earth Every Moment: To give you some idea of scale, the average smartphone uses about two thousand watts of energy over the course of a year. The Sun is sending over a billion times that amount of energy to the atmosphere at any single moment!

Stand-alone solar systems (not attached to the grid) need full battery backup to store extra current, and cost considerably more than the grid systems.

With a grid solar power system, any extra power produced is fed back into the grid. Power meters can actually run backwards.

Solar Panels

When you’re going solar, the first step is usually getting solar panels and we have ensured to get you the best panels that work hard, save the solar energy quick and last a long lifetime, so you can make the most of abundant solar energy and the vast savings it brings.

Why choose our solar panels:

  • We apply expert tips on how to choose, buy and install the best type of solar panel system
  • We understand what to consider in terms of the desired location for your panels.
  • We look into the guaranteed service life of your panels.

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A solar inverter converts DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). Solar panels generate DC power, but most household appliances run on AC power. The inverter simply takes the energy you generate and turns it into a format that can power your electrical loads, this can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.

Inverter technologies have advanced significantly they provide a number of capabilities and services to ensure that the inverter can operate at an optimal performance level, such as data monitoring, advanced utility controls, applications and system design engineering.

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Off-Grid Systems

Through the use of off-grid solar power systems, modern technology is made available to provide an environmentally friendly electricity supply for remote regions with no access to a public grid. To optimally design a system to meet the operational conditions of an off-grid power supply system is a technically challenging task.

This is why the correct dimensioning of the system, including the matching of all individual components is important. Moreover, we would be pleased to prepare a tailor-made solution to specifically fit your individual needs. Your contact partners are our colleagues in the off-grid sales department.

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Grid-Connected Systems

Product range for grid-connected systems

All manufacturers are among the market leaders in their respective fields. When selecting suppliers, Geo Solar places particular value on their future viability. Their product experience, stability of volume quality, technological innovations and financial strength, amongst others, are all evaluated.

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Mounting Systems

Whether pitched or flat roofs, wind and snow loads, height alignment or architectural concerns: Our Mounting System offers the right solution for all the installation requirements of solar power systems. Our products are a result of our many years of experience in the solar trade and the challenges encountered during installation work. As such, it is flexible, well-thought-out and above all: extremely secure.

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