Energy Savings Are Just The Beginning

Boost fiscal performance, create local jobs and help build a cleaner future. Join cities, counties, and agencies across the country that have strengthened their communities with clean, more affordable energy..

As a highly patriotic Kenyan company, Geo Solar is deeply committed to helping the government entities lower operating costs while meeting renewable energy needs. We have been perfecting solar for more than 10 years to ensure that we deliver only the highest-performing, most cost-effective solar technologies and we are fully compliant with the Energy Regulatory Commission’s (ERC) Renewable Enegy Regulations.

Geo Solar is also listed on the ERC’s roster of pre-approved solar suppliers, installers and trained technicians. All our staff is professionally trained and all our materials are professionally sourced from trusted manufacturers

Bring cheaper power to all your branches and ensure the sustainability of your company’s profits with reliable clean energy.

Differentiate your gated communities with solar power. Homebuyers want clean, more affordable energy. Offer solar on your new homes! Who wouldn’t want a home that saves on electricity?

Solar is cheaper than diesel. With fixed pricing and no fuel-price volatility, solar represents a meaningful value proposition for anyone burning liquid fuel as their primary energy source. Think of solar as a source of fuel, not just additional generation capacity.