Geo Solar Services

As a regional leader in photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions Geo Solar is powering a new era of affordable and accessible solar electricity.

Through determined innovation, we’ve achieved solar energy that is cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Our comprehensive PV energy solutions address the energy needs of today and result in reliable, dependable, and bankable solutions for our customers and partners worldwide.

Solar Water Heating Solutions.

Solar water heating systems absorbs solar thermal energy from the sun by the collector panel/s and makes this energy available for water heating thus cost-effectively substituting expensive electrical heating devices as well as pollutants such as primary biomass fuels.

System Types

  • Direct System –allows water to flow through the panel, heating it directly. It is suitable to soft water applications.
  • Indirect system –heats up a sensitive liquid which then exchanges its heat with the body of water in the cylinder flowing in an outer jacket. Ideal for hard water applications.

Power Back Up Solutions.

Power interruptions in many cases are an inconvenience that leads to revenue losses as well as damage to products, processes and services. What this means is that sensitive products such as refrigerated products, IT server processes or even services that highly dependent on electricity will be adversely affected.

In the light of these gloom predictions we at Geo Solar wish to interest you to incorporate our automated battery-inverter systems that guarantee continuous power supply to all your sensitive loads and therefore shielding you from unwanted losses.

Solar Photovolatic Solutions.

Geo Solar provides the best Solar PV solutions from

  • Off Grid Solar PV Solutions
  • Grid Connected Solar PV Solutions

Solar Water Pumping Solutions.

Water pumping may be done using solar or a hybrid of solar, wind, and diesel generators depending on availability and economic considerations of the ambient energy resources.

Geo Solar focuses on solar water pumping systems in areas with recommended sunny conditions.

Water pumping can be done using surface pumps (for surface water masses such as rivers) or submersible pumps for underground water sources such as borehole.

Solar Street Lighting Solutions.

Geo Solar presents a solar street lighting system which is a modern system that will save electrical power as well as provide lighting in a most environmentally friendly means.

This proposal presents the main components of the solar street lighting system that is now available locally at a more affordable cost compared to similar systems that are sourced from outside the country .

Solar Energy Facts

By relying on battery backup, solar energy can even provide electricity 24×7, even on cloudy days and at night.

Solar powered hot water systems utilize solar energy to heat water. In certain areas, 60 to 70% of water used domestically for temperatures as high as 60 degree Celsius can be made available by solar heating.

Solar panels are virtually maintenance free since the batteries require no water or other regular service and will last for years. Once, solar panels are installed, there are no recurring costs.